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Location Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa

Sponsorship Japan administrative scrivener Federation of Co-host Tokyo administrative scrivener Board

Sponsorship (planned)Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, (Germany) SME infrastructure development mechanism
(Corporation) Japan Finance Corporation, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation of
National Federation of Small Business Associations

Sponsors (scheduled)(Yes) Zengyodantheme”Future in order to throw a joint company
-? Your company who to entrust if joint Nagu -?”the purpose

Now, for the challenge of business succession of small business owners are facing, administrative scrivener that has a close relationship with the small and medium-sized enterprises on a daily basis, together with the SME support institutions and financial institutions, the spread of small and medium-sized enterprises measures through lectures and panel discussion – aims to enlightenment, aims to explore the clues to solve the problem


○ Keynote Speech
“in life stage and business succession, intellectual assets – connect in the future the significance and charm and value of the company -”
Ms. Masami Oyama ((Germany) SME infrastructure development mechanism chief business succession coordinator)

○ panel discussion
“small and medium-sized support the Japanese economy company, learn the relation”

Ms. Masami Oyama ((Germany) SME infrastructure development mechanism chief business succession coordinator)

Mr. Shoichi Saho (car Convenience Club Co., Ltd. Managing Director)
Mr. Toyokazu Hiramatsu (Corporation Union Service Senior Managing Director)
Takashi Sakamoto (Tax Corporation Sakamoto & Partners President)
Mr. Toshikazu (administrative scrivener Japan administrative scrivener Association Kishimoto Union Kai) other

<Administrative and financial information>
“country of support measures related to business succession,”
Ms. Yasutaka Imai / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry management succession Specialist
Naoki Shioya / Japan Finance Corporation National Life Division

Participants subjectSmall business owner, small business support organizations, financial institutions, administrative scrivener, etc.Number of participants and expenses200 (Free-pre-registration required)ContactJapan administrative scrivener Federation Secretariat