Masaki Oyama (Masami Oyama)

SME infrastructure development mechanism management foundation support unit
Business Succession and intellectual asset management Support Office Chief Business Succession coordinator

“The importance of management functions in the business revitalization – voluntary regeneration process seen in the model case ~” (Nihonkajoshuppan), “Business succession support course for activating the small and medium-sized enterprises” (economic laws and regulations research meetings and communication education text) works such as there is a lecture and performance


Shoichi Saho (Shoichi Saho)

Car Convenience Club Co., Ltd. Managing Director

joined the company as a sales system sales for the estimated computer automobile maintenance and sheet metal business

support measures for the maintenance and sheet metal business who served as planning director of “Car Convenience Club”

start the FC deployment
then through the M & A, became the executive director of the current car Convenience Club Co., Ltd.


Toyokazu Hiramatsu (Hiramatsu Toyoichi)

Ltd. Union Service Senior Managing Director

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture born, in 1974
from high school, he worked in auto parts transport company involved in the five-year transportation practice.
Then the father of the founder, joined Ltd. union service to deal with the activated carbon.
With site since 1998 in Tohoku sales office opened, it involved four years in business, head office since 2002.
Site, through the business, currently, management as a Senior Managing Director, sales, engaged in site management.

Also day-to-day push forward in toward the second president while achieving a balance between academic and practical enrolled in Shizuoka University Faculty of Humanities, Department of Economics from beside April 2010 address to the local contribution activities through the Junior Chamber of Commerce activities.


Takashi Sakamoto (Takashi Sakamoto)

Dr. (Management Information Science) (Aichi Institute of Technology), Master of Laws (University of Tokyo), tax accountant and the United States Certified Public Accountants

– Tax Corporation Sakamoto & Partners representative employees president
, Aichi Institute of Technology Faculty of Business Administration Professor, Graduate School
, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology Graduate School Visiting Professor


Toshikazu Kishimoto (Toshikazu Kishimoto)

Japan administrative scrivener Federation of Director, the first business Department

◎ book
“Personal Information Protection Law and Countermeasures” (Feb. 18 TKC publication co-authored)
, “for the future of the local construction industry” (March 19 TateTsu newspaper published by)
the practice of “administrative licensing procedure and conflict resolution the format “(July 22 publication civil law Society publication co-authored)
,” Q & legal Affairs of the business succession “(Aug. 22 publication economic laws and regulations Society publication co-authored)